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HEY!!! Send me photos of your Rabid Transit equipped bikes. All brands, makes, and models are welcome, as long as it is wearing a Rabid Transit fairing. Contact me via e-mail if you only have hard copy photos and no scanning capability, and we'll work something out as far as mailing them back and forth (so I can scan them for you.)
Please be sure to include proper descriptions of the photos so I can include semi-intelligent captions.
The photo of the two bikes (above) was taken in front of a tulip field near Mossyrock, WA, and was provided by Randy Turk.
The one in the upper left was a shot I found on the web and I liked the lighting....looks like it was taken at sunset or sunrise, perhaps.

This nice /7 belongs to a Seattle owner. He gave me lots of good advice about installation when I was working on my own /7, and I "borrowed" lots of his ideas. By the way, if the owner of the bike is reading this, please e-mail me so I can put your name up here if that's OK with you.
This /7 is also a really good looking bike. I like the gray/gray/gray combination, makes it look like an OEM paint setup. Again, if the owner or former owners want credit here, e-mail me using the link below.
This tasty customized Moto Guzzi belongs to Randy Turk or one of his brothers (I promise to get that cleared up soon). Between them, they have several RT equipped bikes, including a BMW. Randy also provided me with several pieces of Rabid Transit promotional and technical literature featured on other pages in this site.
This fully loaded Toaster is Denny Lee Lacey's former ride. One of the things that amazes the Hell out of me is just how much difference a windscreen change can make with one of these fairings. The coverage is great with both. It just seems to be able to do everything well.
This pair belong to Steve Rankin from West, TX.